Andrea L. Everett


I am a Visiting Scholar at the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University.  I received my PhD from the Department of Politics at Princeton University in 2012 and have previously worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Politics Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz and as an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Affairs at the University of Georgia.  Before this I spent 2011-2012 as a research fellow at Dartmouth College’s Dickey Center for International Understanding.  Prior to my graduate studies, I received a B.A. from Stanford University and studied in Berlin as a Fulbright Scholar.

My research focuses on humanitarian politics and policy, including the protection of civilians from violent conflict through the deployment of peace operations and, more broadly, the allocation of international assistance in response to humanitarian crises.  It also addresses the closely related issues of human security and forced migration, as well as foreign policy decision-making and the impact of human rights activism.  My first book, Humanitarian Hypocrisy, is forthcoming with Cornell University Press, and explains why some peace operations are designed to effectively protect civilians from violence while others are not.  My research has also been published in Security Studies and Conflict Management and Peace Science.  I am also very interested in the global politics of conservation.